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Zaza Digital offers a range of services designed to help you even with the smallest level of commitment you're comfortable with. While our primary focus is TikTok Ads & marketing analytics, we are also offering intensive funnel consulting and omni channel advertising services for ambitious brands looking to double their business in a year.


We can help you adapt to the post IOS & privacy-first marketing world with best-in-class marketing analytics (multi-channel attribution, server side tracking, first-party data, combating ad blockers, real-time dashboards & more).

TikTok Video
Ads that Sell

We create TikTok video ads from scratch for you. We script videos, find creators to work with & do post-production. Your videos will be crafted to make your customers stop scrolling with powerful hooks, engage them with entertaining content and convert with a strong CTA.

Campaign Testing
and Scaling

We invented a growth framework to help us gamify the testing & scaling process. All of your ad variations will go through the AdBattle. If qualified, the winning variations will enter the AdRace to fight for the grand prize. Watch our webinar to learn more.

Reporting & Communication

At any point in time, you'll know exactly which campaigns & tests are active, what's working and why and how are the results looking against mutually agreed goals. You'll also get transparent & informative weekly updates from your dedicated TikTok expert.

Why Zaza Digital

Zaza Digital offers a premium service for ambitious brands.

We believe in building long-lasting partnerships with brands we're truly excited to grow with. We carefully choose who we're partnering up with to ensure we're the right mutual fit so we can maximize the results we will get for you.

We're creative & data-driven team of experts focused on getting results for your brand. Everyone working on your campaigns will have at least 5 years of advertising, analytics or creative experience. You'll talk directly with experts.

Every campaign that we launch for you will be well thought through with a strong attention to detail and a dose of creativity. All important directional & creative decisions will be guided by your feedback and data.

We've created a gamified framework to make ad testing & scaling more fun and engaging for our team and easier for you to spearhead which ultimately results in more revenue you generate for your brand.

Part of our company is dedicated to testing & launching our own products on TikTok. We want to make sure our team understands your side of the story as well as to have a sandbox for testing & proving riskier tactics before proposing them to you.

The Why, What and How of TikTok Ads

Why TikTok in 2023?
Find out why 2023 is going to be an explosive year for TikTok Advertising

TikTok is an opportunity many brands will miss this year. The ones who miss it, are going to be the ones that end up having a worse year thanks to rising costs of online advertising. TikTok (still) has less advertisers relative to the number of active users which opens a window of opportunity for innovative brands to enter and eventually dominate TikTok. Click the button below to see the data behind these claims.

See Why You Can't
Ignore TikTok

What Works on TikTok?

See 30 Live Examples of High-performing TikTok Video Ads

Find out exactly which video ads other successful brands are using to grow revenue with TikTok. The examples include estimated metrics as well as creative expert comments (why the ad is effective and which businesses could benefit from an ad that follows a similar structure). See this free report and learn what exactly works on TikTok in 2022.

How to Grow with TikTok Ads?

Get Free TikTok Strategy Session and Learn how to grow past $100k/mo on TikTok

We'll present you the exact testing & scaling frameworks we're using to help ambitious brands grow their business with TikTok Advertising. You'll get an exclusive tour of our proprietary framework. You're free to use it after the call to grow your business. Near the end, we'll present you an option to let us get this done for you so you don't have to worry about hiring & training people to do it from scratch. Schedule your free strategy session today.

"I presented your findings internally so many times over the past year! Thank you for driving our business forward and being such a responsible partner"

~ Sarah Brown, head of marketing

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We're on-boarding 2 more brands this quarter to help them win Q4 with help of TikTok marketing & advertising.

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